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Sacro Iliac Joint

SI pain is one of the most common complaints among yoga practitioners.

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Psoas Major

5 things Libby thinks yoga teachers should know about Psoas Major.

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A monthly membership for yoga teachers who want to become anatomy nerds... in less than an hour per week.

Learn how to:

  • Adapt any yoga posture for multiple practitioners with different abilities.
  • Confidently teach and help your students make informed decisions about their bodies.
  • Take a single sequence and translate it into multiple different classes on the fly.
  • Use effective cues that are grounded in biomechanical principles while staying respectful of yoga's roots and tradition.

Here's what members get each month:

One short & sweet anatomy lesson. 

Each month we will focus on a different part of the body and connect it directly to what happens in the yoga classroom.

One yummy yoga sequence to practice

The sequence will be accessible, adaptable, and will help you apply each lesson to your classes & personal practice.

LIVE Q&A sessions to clarify & connect

Learn in context with specific examples, build community with other students, and get your remaining questions answered.


  • Vizualizing what is happening deep inside your students bodies as they move

  • Easily updating your sequence in real time based on the people who show up for class

  • Confidently helping your injured student adapt their practice

  • Skillfully cueing your student into a pose that they’ve never done before

Are you ready to stop guessing when it comes to anatomy? 

It's time to start guiding your students using sound biomechanical principles with confidence instead.

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